Every year, nearly 25% of the economically active population undergoes a change in their professional career. To ensure the success of these changes, it is important to support new employees, as a part of comprehensive onboarding. Changes in the employee structure also mark opportunities for employers to make necessary changes in their organization. At the same time, it is also a period of vulnerability for employees, due to lack of working relationships and detailed understanding of their new role. The Onboarding Process focuses on social and performance aspects of a job, and fast and smooth understanding of attitudes, knowledge, skills and behaviors necessary to function effectively within the organization. The aim is to put onboarding into the broader context of a corporate strategy, and facilitate the orientation of new employees in a new work environment. This bilateral process brings a positive effect to the employees: it makes them welcomed and prepared a new position, and the working environment including cultural aspects; and subsequently allows the employers to continue carrying out their mission and fulfill their business strategy.